How Others Are Using My Photographs

Date: 19 Jan 2012


My second grade class is creating a book about animals, and one of my students would like to use a photograph of a hummingbird found on your site. Our book will be created under and published as a class book for the students to view in the classroom. Sometimes, parents like to purchase a copy of the book as a keepsake. This requires me to order additional copies to be printed by The parents only pay the printing/shipping costs for the book. May we use one of your photographs found on Please note that the student will include the url address of the hummingbird picture underneath the photo in the book to give credit to your site.

Thanks for your consideration.

Stacy Brehm
Teacher - Holy Cross School, Deerfield, IL


Date: 13 Apr 2010

Dear Wayne,

We are doing an educational display on hummingbirds (commemorating International Migratory Bird Day) at our annual Children's Fair on May 15, 2010, here in Quincy, CA.  I would like permission to use one of your photos of an Anna's hummingbird in our display.  Please let me know if that would be OK with you.  Of course, we will give credit to your work.  Thanks!

Michele Jimenez-Holtz
Plumas National Forest - Quincy, CA


Date: 23 Mar 2008


I found your Argus pheasant photos on a search.  I am an artist, carving an argus and would like to reference your photos in my presentation for an educational seminar at an upcoming show.

Jeff Krete
Cambridge, Ontario


Date: 9 Aug 2006

Dear Mr. Owen,

On behalf of the Arboretum at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, I would like to thank you for the use of your hummingbird photographs. The pictures were utilized in a brochure and in a display for the building. The photographs provided a strong focal point to capture people's attention, I appreciate your permission to use them.

The Arboretum staff, Paula Garrett and Susan Jones, have been working on plant markers for the Xeriscape Garden, a newsletter, and a brochure series to inform the public of the Arboretum assets and accomplishments. Your photographs are being used as an example to others as one way to contribute and add value to the UNLV Arboretum.

Once again, thank you for your generosity.


Klaus J. Stetzenbach, Ph.D.
Director, Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies
University of Nevada Las Vegas


Date: 14 Sep 2005

Mr. Owen,

I am putting together a brochure on hummingbirds in our Xeric Garden and would like to use 3 of your photos for the brochure if possible: 01417Costasscx.jpg, 011023sqlsx.jpg, 040128costassx.jpg

Although our main focus is the plants of the Xeric Garden, we would like to have brochures about some of our garden residents for visitors.  The garden is adjacent to the Marjorie Barrick Museum of Natural History so the majority of the visitors to the garden are visiting the museum and wander through the garden while there. 

Your name will be printed on each picture to give credit.  Would it be alright to use your photos?


Paula Garrett
The Arboretum at UNLV
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Date: 19 Aug 2005

We are featuring a story on the Audubon Society's Strawberry Plains hummingbird sanctuary in our next issue. Would you be willing to let us use some of your photos in our story? We will of course give you photo credit. Please visit our website to see our publication ( I look forward to hearing from you.
Melissa Hosp
Sales Director
DeSoto Magazine
Hernando Mississippi


Date: 09 Aug 2005

I saw your hummingbird photos on your hummingbird website and wondered if I could use one or two for a column I am writing about them.
I write a monthly garden column for the La Jolla Village News and my August column will feature information about these tiny creatures and how to plant a garden that will attract them.
We will give you full credit for the photographs.
Linda Marrone


Date: 06 Jun 2005

Mr. Owen, 

My name is Jody Wilson and I work  for Quail Unlimited (a national non-profit for the conservation of Quail) and I am looking for a few photos of humming birds for an article that was submitted for publication in our magazine.  I came across your website and really like your pictures.  I wanted to ask if you would be willing to allow us to use a few of your photos in our magazine.  I will make sure proper credit is given and will supply you with a couple of copies of the magazine when printed.

Thanks in advance.

Jody Wilson
Graphic Designer
Quail Unlimited
31 Quail Run
Edgefield SC,29824


Date: 01 Apr 2005

Mr. Owen, 

I am an Associate Professor of Horticulture here at the University of Georgia. I am currently working on a PowerPoint presentation for use by our Master Gardeners program on butterfly and hummingbird gardening. This is a project through the Cooperative Extension Service. It is a non-profit venture and we do not sell the presentations to anyone, simply lend them to county agents to train interested gardeners and students in the Master Gardener classes. I would like to use the images of the Costa's nesting and the Rufus hummingbirds for ID purposes. We have only the ruby-throated and Rufus species here in Georgia. I will be sure to include your name, give proper credit to the images and provide your website on the credits. Your images will be enjoyed by about 3000 Master Gardener students per year. I will also be willing to provide you a copy of the 216 (page) PowerPoint slide set once it is finished, from which you may use the many images I have taken of butterflies and hummingbirds here in Georgia. 

I am please to see there are still folks out there who believe in sharing their talents and interests without concern for profit. As an amateur photographer myself, I was very impressed with your images, the website design, and the supportive information on your website. Nice job all around. 

Let me know at your convenience as to the possibility of using your fine images for this project.


Paul A. Thomas
Associate Professor
The University of Georgia 


Date: 27 Fed 2005


I'm preparing a proposal on bio-inspired sensors for the National Science Foundation.  I happened upon your images in the Hummingbird Society photo gallery and subsequently went to your web page.  Your images and screen saver are wonderful.

I would like have your permission to include photo number 020401annas1th in my proposal if its all right with you, as it conveys the amazing ability of hummingbirds to control their flight position.

Thanks in advance for you consideration of my request.

Alison Flatau


Date: 14 Feb 2005


I am an art director for a healthcare communications agency. I am interested in licensing a photo of a hummingbird for use in an advertising campaign. Would it be possible to purchase a high resolution photo for this usage?

Thank you,

Chris Feifer


Date: 1 Nov 2004

Your pictures are fantastic. I am an elementary education student. Could I have your permission to use some photos for a webquest and other educational purposes?



Date: 16 Oct 2004

I am currently doing Montessori training and would like permission to use the photo of the Anna's to create some materials for the my classroom. This material would be shared with other students in my class for their use in their classes. It is not being sold commercially. Thank you for the wonderful photos you have posted.

Merril Osers
Langley, British Columbia


Date: 9 Sep 2004


I discovered your beautiful website while seeking out a photo of a hummingbird to use in a science education kit for students.  I work for a Zoo in Boston, Massachusetts and I was hoping that I could download and print a single copy of one of your photographs to use for the students.  I would, of course, give all due credit.  Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you.  Great site!!!


Melissa Lesch
Education Program Specialist
Stone Zoo
Stoneham, MA 02180


Date: 7 Apr 2004


We sure have enjoyed the beauty of your photos. I work for a non-profit community based employment agency in Idaho. During one of our training classes, we educate the participants about some of the amazing features specific to hummingbirds. We then compare some of the hummingbird skills to those needed for employment.

We wanted to include a small photocopy (about 1 square inch) of a hummingbird on the front page of the handout the participants take home. Your website, contains a beautiful photo we'd like to use. Your name will be included in bold letters at the bottom of the picture.

Could we use the photo? 
Here is the link to the photo we wish to use:

Thank you so much,

Wayne Goodworth
Idaho Falls LDS Employment Resources


Date: 28 Feb 2003

My name is Melissa Johnson and I am a student at Utah Valley State College. For my senior thesis I am planning and planting a hummingbird garden on our campus. I will also be giving a presentation to my professors.

The pictures on your website are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. I am requesting permission to use your pictures in my PowerPoint presentation for my professors. I will give you and your site credit on every presentation slide that includes photos from your collection. My presentation is strictly non-profit (it's homework) and I believe it would greatly enhance my presentation. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you so much!

Melissa Johnson
UVSC-Biology Major


Date: 02 Dec 2002

Dear Wayne:

"Daniel Bastaja's Birding FAQs" is a non-profit beginner birding Web site with an educational focus. I'm responsible for the design of the Web site and Dan is responsible for the content. Both of us are doing it in our free time and as a service that we really love. Dan's been very gracious to allow me to vent my creative energies on a special section on e-mail discussion groups. 

What I do is to link selected e-mail postings to useful Web sites, and illustrate the topics of the discussions with pictures I find on the Web. I found the photograph of Anna's Hummingbird exceptional, and would like to use it with suitable credit to to you.

Please let us know whether if it is OK for us to use the picture, with due acknowledgement and a shortcut to your Web site.

Many thanks.

Arlene Kaljee


Date: 09 Jul 2002 

Hi Wayne,

I really enjoyed the hummer photos on your website! They are really nice photos! 

My name is Rusty Trump and I do programs and talks on hummingbirds in Georgia. I volunteer my time to two non-profit organizations dedicated to educating the public and promoting hummingbirds. I have a lot of images of hummers, but I am missing a few western species to round out my talks. I am seeking your permission to use a couple of your images of Costa's and Anna's in my talks. The images will not be used in any way commercially and only to educate the public in talks at garden clubs, bird clubs, nurseries, and at schools. Please let me know if I could have your permission for this purpose. I will give you the proper credit for any photos displayed. If you have any questions feel free to let me know!


Rusty Trump
President, Georgia Hummer Study Group, Inc.


Date: 24 May 2002


Again, thank you for the use of your photo for my article on hummingbirds. It was printed in the Cordova Times as well as the Valdez Vanguard and the Seward Phoenix. 

The article was a big hit in the little communities of Southwest Alaska.

Thank you again.

Laurel Bill
Staff writer
Alaska Newspapers Inc.


Date: 11 Apr 2002

Dear Wayne,

I visited your homepage and saw your marvelous pictures of the hummingbirds.

Since I am looking for a suitable picture of a flying hummingbird for an ad at my company, I'd like to ask you for permission to use your picture free of charge. Would you please give me permission to use it? 

Best regards and thank you for all your help. 

Dietmar Blumrich
Marketing, Abt. KVM

Innovative Power Transmission Systems 

BHS-Cincinnati Getriebetechnik GmbH
Hans-Boeckler-Strasse 7
87527 Sonthofen


Date: 07 Dec 2001


My name is Trudi Burney and I'm the President of the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley in Northern California. I visited your site in search of Anna's photographs and am very impressed with the beautiful pictures.

We've just completed the text for a hummingbird postcard that we use for education purposes only. Not for resale. I was hoping you'd be open to letting us use your photograph on the front of our postcard. The one I am interested in is the male Anna which is nearby the feeder with tail feathers extended. It would be perfect and of course we would type in photo credit.

We receive over 50 hummingbirds each year that are injured or orphaned. We care for them (feeding them every 20 min. when they are nestlings) and release them back into the wild when they are of age and healthy. In addtion to the other 5,000 species we rescue our center educates the public and raises funds for our non-profit organization. Check out our web-site at

Please let me know,

Trudi Burney
Wildlife Center of Silicon Valey


Date: 8 Nov 2001

Dear Mr. Owen,

I am a graduate student in the teacher education department of George Fox University, in Portland, Oregon. One of my assignments was to develop a WebQuest, a lesson that uses online resources. For my lesson, I have chosen to have students design a backyard hummingbird habitat.

I am writing to ask your permission to use your beautiful hummingbird photographs in my Webquest.

Thank you for your consideration of my request. I look forward to your response.


Frances Verbruggen 


Mr. Owen,

I am a Website Design Student at Lanier Technical College. I am requesting permission to use your photos in a PowerPoint presentation for a school project (noncommercial). I would also like permission to use this same PowerPoint presentation as part of my portfolio to be viewed on the Web as part of my online resume for an apprenticeship. Your photos are gorgeous I will give you proper credit on every picture I use and a link to your Website.

Thank you for your time,

Lisa Cabe

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