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Name:  Betty Schrader / Missouri
Comments:   I lost my hummingbird screen saver and would like it back. Your pictures are wonderful. Thank you

Name:  Mirta Valenzuela / Uruguay
Comments:  Lovely photos...

Name:  Tricia Best / NE Texas
Comments:  Share your love of the flora and fauna of the North American continent and especially the trains and hummingbirds. My Dad was a RRmodeler all his life and his Dad was a mechanic who had roots in the steam trains of the Appalachian mountains-here in Texas. We run 15 feeders in a season and I can make up to 5 gallons (yes, I said gallons) of syrup in August-September to help feed all the fledglings and parents. We are even occasionally treated to a visitor. Last one was a Broad Wing. Who knows how he found us! Best to you and I really like your work.

Name:  Cheryl Mondragon / Colorado Springs, CO
Comments:  I absolutely love hummingbirds, and the screen saver was the best.  Thanks.

Name:  Mary Sonis / North Carolina
Comments:  How the heck did you get these gorgeous images  with such little fuss? I am using a tripod,  and getting fuzzy shots... I just can't get the images crisp.  Now in macro mode, you have got to get mighty close... and I just can't get there.  They stay away from me when I am closer than 6 feet.  I thought I was still... but my Ruby Throated are so shy about all this.  These are beautiful shots.  Thank you for so generously sharing them.  I will keep trying...with your pictures as my inspiration.

Name:  Mimi Kauffman / Palm Desert, California
Comments:  The Hummingbird is a special sign for me, brings so much joy to the beholder. Thank you for this wonderful website.

Name:  Bonnie Browne / Headland, Alabama
Comments:  Thank you for the lovely hummingbird screensaver pictures!!   Your photography is superb in capturing their personalities, colors, and 3-D images.

Name:  Denise Levy / San Diego, CA
Love your photos.  I'm a wannabe photographer who THOUGHT my photos were pretty good.  I think now I need a better camera.  Beautiful job.

Name:  Anna Evans / DeRidder, Louisiana
Hi, I have really enjoyed this website. My grandson (6) loves trains, so I will visit again to show him your pictures. I found this site because I was looking at pictures of hummingbirds--I'm planning, and planting, a garden to attract hummingbirds and monarchs.

Name:  Chris Ryan / Louisville, KY
Your photos are amazing! You make it look easy. I carve hummers from cork and use photos for reference. I will let people know about your talent and website. Keep up the great work.

Name:  Mike Kendrick and Brenda Tustian / Georgia
My wife, Brenda Tustian, is the artist of two of the Hummingbird paintings on your site. We would like to say that we truly enjoy your site and the work you do.
Thank you for a job well done.

Name:  Mary Salas / Chula Vista, CA
I just now had a few moments to finally view your website. Your hummingbird photos are stunning! What a treat to view these marvelous little creatures.

Name:  Laura Wedin / Virginia Tech
Found your (Va Tech '71 class ring) site! Awesome! I am the student programs director for the alumni association and work with the Class ring program (since 1994). I'm a big ring history nut and love when I stumble on things like that. We will work to get this link up on our ring page. Ultimately I want to have a page with photos of all the years of rings - each side and bezel. Thanks for such a nice and informative site. Hokie regards.

Name:  Cathy Stoudemire / South Carolina
We are planning a hummingbird festival and would like permission to link to your free hummingbird screensavers. We have really enjoyed having them on our computer.

Name:  Kate / Colorado

Name:  Beth Miller / Fremont, CA
Thank you so much for the beautiful website.  I am a director of a preschool program with a wildlife habitat which includes a butterfly and hummingbird garden. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate seeing the love, care and professionalism that went into making the information, stories and photos available.  Finding your website was a jewel.

Name:  Debra Arnold / Roanoke,Va
I sure enjoyed your website with all the beautiful hummers.  As a loyal Virginia Tech fan, I'm so proud of the difference you are making in so many lives.  Thank you for your contribution to our beautiful world of nature.

Name:  Christy Schadoff / Albuquerque, NM
SO nice to see someone who enjoys taking pictures of nature & wildlife. Love the hummer pictures.

Name:  Deanna Gray / Virginia

Comments:  I just downloaded your wonderful hummingbird screensaver today and I love it. What a wonderful way to have the "hummers" here all winter long with me in Virginia!!  Thank you for sharing your love of nature with all of us out here who love nature too !

Name:  Paco Sánchez / Spain

Comments:  He encontrado por casualidad su página con fotografias sobre colibrís, y ha sido una enorme satisfacción disfrutarlas. Le felicito por su trabajo, y le animo a seguir haciendonos participes del mismo. Reciba un afectuoso saludo.

Name:  Ron Coleman / Riley, Kansas

Comments:  Found your site searching for Hummingbird Poetry.  A great site.  I added it to my favorites.  My sister is going into the hospital for a serious operation.  She loves Hummingbirds.  I'm wondering if I could print some of the poems.  I think she would like to read one each day while she is in the hospital recovering  Thanks.

Name:  Betty / Missouri
  I just downloaded your free hummingbird screensaver.  The photographs are fantastic.  Thank you for the screensaver,  I am thrilled with these gorgeous hummingbirds.  Mega thanks.

Name:  Martha / Montana
I've just discovered your website and all those wonderful photos you've taken!  The tiny birds are remarkable!  Thank you so much for your talent and sharing!

Name:  Mary Hawley / Portland, Oregon
  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photographs. I especially enjoyed your Yosemite pictures and the hummingbirds. Thanks!

Name:  Keith Egli, President, Gaithersburg Camera Club / Gaithersburg, MD
  I enjoyed your pictures very much. I have managed to capture a few birds last year but none so far this year. Yesterday, I had a couple of visits to my feeder so I am sitting here with shutter release in hand and an optimistic outlook.Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Name:  Jenn Moffatt / San Diego
  I've been watching a few Anna's fighting over the pair of feeders I keep in my home office window while I write during the day. I noticed a few different looking birds, and went hunting for good pictures of Costa's...and found your site. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could take such great shots of my little friends. They've gotten so used to me now that they let me know when I need to replace the food by hovering in the window and peeping. I can't wait to see the babies of Miss JJJ and Fluttermunchie - the primary females who sneak past each other's guard to feed - Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures. I now know that I've had Costa's drop by too!

Name:  Crag / Ireland
   I really enjoyed your site. Thank you for it!

Name:  Kathleen Perez / Massachusetts
   I love your site, Beautiful Pictures. I am an avid hummingbird watcher and your site is fantastic.

Name:  Jeroen / Holland
   Very nice site with beautiful pictures!! Regards.

Name:  Debi / Houston, Texas
   Absolutely breath taking. Beautiful pictures.

Name:  Jaime Zacarias / Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
   Sempre gostei de beija-flores, e neste site encontrei fotos maravilhosas. Meus Parabéns! Adorei todas elas, não só os beija-flores.

Name:  Becky / Montana 
   I loved the pictures. Such a welcome sight since we are in winter. This is a great site and my class enjoyed it.

Name:  Babs Robb / Roseau, MN
   The wonderful pictures of the mountains and falls brought back my memories of Idaho. Thank you for helping to relieve my homesickness!

Name:  Edith Winters / Alabama
   Your beautiful photos were truly a blessing! Just one more reminder of how creative a God we have! Thank You!

Name:  Moneca / Calgary, Canada 
   Stunningly beautiful pictures, the best on the web for sure. Downloaded your screensaver, will give me hours of enjoyment. You obviously truly love these amazing fellow creatures! Thank you so much.

Name:  Lisa / San Antonio, TX
   Thank you so much for providing such detailed portrayals of the most beautiful things in this world. May such blessings be bestowed upon you.

Name:  Hiroko / CA
   Wonderful Pictures! I put your pic & link for your web on my blog site. I hope you don't mind. Thanks.

Name:  Tammi / E. Texas  
   Thank you for all the beautiful pics, poetry and I love the screen savers... Keep up the great work !!

Name:  Fernando / Chile 
   I love hummingbirds! Great page. Keep up the good work. I like the pictures and poetry sections.

Name:  Chris Palmer / England
   I love your photographs, keep up the good work.

Name:   Brookeville, MD
   Awesome! Now I'm even more inspired to plant my hummingbird garden.

Name:   Brian / Seattle,WA
   Wayne, You are A Photographers Photographer! Before these days of Digital & Computer Photos, I strived for those final prints that you have captured and posted to your site!

Name:   Margaret / San Angelo, TX
   Thank you for sharing your pictures. They brought a smile to my face.

Name:   Kathy / Arizona
   You have an awesome site and I love the hummingbird screensaver. Thank you for sharing ! God bless you!

Name:   Lloyd / Cincinnati, Ohio
   Thank you SO MUCH for sharing the beauty and glory of these magnificent birds. Kudos for your photography and for sharing!

Name:   Rachael / Commerce, TX
   This website has wonderful photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name:   Kim / St. Louis, MO
   These pictures helped my daughter so much for her research paper on Hummingbirds!!!

Name:   Dave / United Kingdom
   Enjoyed your site.

Name:   Paul Flournoy / Alabama
   Thanks for the great screen savers. We feed Rubythroats all year.

Name:   Howard / Alberta, Canada
   What an enjoyable site! You are to be congratulated for your talented efforts and generosity.

Name:   Doris / Arkansas
   Thank you for the beautiful pictures. Hummers have been my favorite for years.

Name:   Susie / Tennessee
   I have to say your poems and pictures have made me so happy. My dad loved the tiny creatures and since he passed they are my favorite thing to watch. They make me think of him. I love the way they flutter so quietly.

Name:   Justin / Omaha, NE
   Your photos are stunning and beautiful.

Name:   Elaine / NC
   It has been a pleasure to see your photos. I have been a hummingbird watcher and collector for years.

Name:   Cecil / Jasper, Alabama
   Love all this great hummingbird poetry...

Name:   Huntington, WV
   Such beautiful photographs of my favorite little creature. I cant wait each April for them to return for the summer.

Name:   Shari Conant / Yakima, WA
   I found your site while trying to find information about keeping an Annas hummingbird alive through the frigid winters here. I only dream of being able to take such beautiful photos of these elusive birds.

Name:   Mary Jo / Novato, CA
   I am a hummingbird rehabilitator who greatly appreciates your truly awesome photos! They remind me of why I go through the sweat, tears, and exhaustion involved in caring for sick, injured or orphaned hummingbirds-- so I can release them back to the wild.

Name:   toutytouty / France

Name:   Brian
   I hope someday to build a site as great as this!! I'm a photographer and a pc-technology student in progress. Thank you for sharing such a wealth of enjoyment.

Name:   Mary / Loma Linda, CA
   Ah! You captured them, those elusive, darling creatures! Mine will stay close until I aim my camera then, poof! They're gone. You're a genius -- or maybe one of Them.

Name:   Brian / Seattle, WA
   My 76 old Mother loves these photos I sent her. She said to be sure and thank you...THANK YOU!!!

Name:  Tom Chan / Hong Kong
 Your Collections are very impressive. Your photos help me learn a lot about hummingbirds. Thank you very much!

Name:  Pat / Costa Rica
  Lovely photos! We have here at my home, Rufous and Little Hermits, and they fly through our house often!

Name:  Barbara / Nova Scotia
I loved your photos very much. I enjoy taking pictures also but don't have a fancy camera. The Hummingbirds are so nice as are all the other pics you have here. Thank you for sharing them. I have them for screensavers but need more for different seasons.

Name:  Barbara / Central Ohio
Thank you so much for directing me to your site. Out here, we only have Ruby-Throated hummingbirds in the spring and summer. We miss them in autumn and winter, so thank you for sharing your hummingbirds with us in our hum-less days!

Name:  DeAnna / Albuquerque, NM
I was just admiring your hummingbird photos and they are really outstanding! Your photos are incredibly sharp to the point that they almost don't even look real (but in a good way). I'm amazed how your photos are just razor sharp despite the small size and high speed of the birds. I tend to get my best shots when they are sitting on the fence. How do you do it? 

Name:  Aðva Tatil ve Turizm Rehberi
I have bookmarked your site and I will come back again ! You have the greatest site!

Name:  Steve / Tennessee
Incredible photos! The hummingbird screensaver is a big hit at my house. Thanks.

Name:  May Hobbs / Midland, Texas
I just love your photos of the beautiful hummers and I appreciate the free screensavers!! They are truly God's jewels and I love to watch them! I sent the site to my sister in law in El  Paso and she immediately installed the free screensavers.  We both agree that yours are the best photos of Hummingbirds we have ever seen.  Thanks from all of us! 

Name:  Betti Easton
Just had to tell you how much I am enjoying your hummingbird screensaver. I am a collector of hummingbirds and I think your screensaver is absolutely wonderful. Thanks for providing this wonderful service for all of us to enjoy.

Name:  Dwight & Pam
Great job!  Thank you very much. My wife loves the screensaver!

Name:  Cousin Pat / Virginia
     WOW! You really know your camera! Great photos and we look forward to seeing more of your work.

Name:  Steffanie / Vancouver British Columbia, Canada
     Thank you for being a Hummer lover and photographer. I found your site from a google Image search, and so very glad that I did. I have only had the privilege of seeing one hummingbird in Vancouver while I was picking sweetpeas in my Mothers garden.

Name:    Dawn / Fullerton
    As a fellow hummingbird fanatic and photographer, yours is the first website that has knocked my socks off! And I thought I took good shots.. geez, you almost put me to shame. I have been studying the behavior of these little guys for about three years.

Name:    Sylvie / Hawkesbury, Ontario
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures of the fabulous hummingbirds.

Name:    Juan Francisco Mota. / Atizapan de Zaragoza, Ciudad Adolfo Lòpez Mateos
    Hello. Thank you very much for the really beautiful photos of these birds of wonder.

Name:    Pat / NJ
    I downloaded your hummingbird screensaver, and it's fabulous.. just beautiful. Very much appreciated here.. thanks!

Name:    Donna / NC
     This was our first year to have hummers; we are hooked. Cannot wait until they're back Enjoyed your pictures immensely.

Name:    Donna Chapman / Las Vegas
    I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your  hummingbird screensaver is. Simply magnificent!

Name:    Carol Lyon / Manassas, VA
    Wonderful photos. We have 3 hummingbirds that visit our yard daily. The male left 2 days ago for his migration flight and the female is still here. The third bird must have been a male also as it is now gone. These birds are such a joy to watch.

Name:  Dawn Taylor
  Really like your pictures. I have hummingbirds at my home and really enjoy watching them.

Name:  Marcela Herrera / CA
  I was making a speech for my English class when I found your photos. They are the best in the web. I will use them to show the hummingbirds. I am from Argentina and I live in Ca. I am trying to learn English and I am in high school for adults. Thank you.

Name:  Grzegorz / Poland
  Best pictures, congratulations.

Name:  Darlene /  Kelowna BC Canada
  Thank you for having such a great site. We have lots of hummers here at our house too, but it was nice to see them close up. Great pictures.

Name:  Juli / IL
  My mom died 5 years ago and I hope she was standing beside me when I looked over your site. She loved hummingbirds and had ones that would eat at her feeders when she was just inches away. She would have loved all your photos! I know I did!! Thanks for sharing.

Name:  Nancy / SE Alaska
  What an enchanting site. Just had my first Rufous at my feeder, and it lead me here. I'll visit again, for sure.

Name:  Grow_N_Krazy / Texas 
  Thank you for so generously sharing your fantastic photography! The hummer screen saver is so enjoyable, I hate to leave my computer now. Guess I will be 'forced' to download the other screen saver, too. Again, thanks!

Name:  migardener / Michigan
  Just downloaded your truly beautiful screen saver. Thank you for sharing it with other hummer lovers. In the dead of the winter, when hummers are only a memory, I'll look at this, and enjoy it even more.

Name:  GrandPapaMike / California
Thanks very much for the screensaver. The pictures are spectacular, and it installed perfectly with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Name:  Mrs. Robbie Payne / Michigan
I was looking for some pictures to see the actual feather detail on hummingbirds! I'm working on a quilt and wanted to add a hummingbird. We have several (ruby throat) at our feeders but our pictures have never been clear enough. Your pictures are wonderful.

Name: Chester
I think that your photos and screensavers are just outstanding. The best that I have ever seen. Web site construction is great too...

Name:  Carolyn / Louisiana
Beautiful pictures. I would love to find and see a nest up close.

Name:  Chris / Ohio
  Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. They are simply awesome, and if I were judging your talent, I would quickly nominate your work for first prize... Blue Ribbon. What a great job!

Name:  Birdlegs / Michigan
Comments:  Thanks for being so generous. Your hummingbird screensaver has the best photo's I've ever seen. Thank You, Thank You, Thank you

Name:  GrandPapaMike / California
Comments:  Great website - and the pictures are amazing. Thanks very much for sharing such a wonder. Gramps

Name:  Alan / LA
Comments:  Great photography, Great pictures, Great settings. Thank You!

Name:  Anne / Orange County, CA
Comments:  Amazing, wonderful photos! I especially loved the Anna's babies in the nest...

 Katrina Oliver
Comments:  Your whole site and everything about the hummers is absolutely beautiful. I found your site while looking for a hummer ecard or photo to send to my mother, she is a wonderful caring mother who has had to spend a lot of time taking care of me due to some very serious health issues. She has a beautiful backyard, lots of bright flowers and shrubs for the hummers , a pond and lots of moving water for them and oh yes not under about thirty feeders, during migration they swarm her house. I just wanted to thank you for the site. I will pass it on to her, she will love it. I am going to download one of the screensavers right now. Thank You again!

Name:  Ernesto Jaramillo / Ecuador
Comments:  Saludos from Ecuador. Just came from your Web page, and I must congratulate you for doing a fine job. It is my hobby also. I live in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, and we are blessed with many species of hummers. I do a lot of Digital photographs of hummers, and would love to send you some. 

Name:  Gary Schaefer
Comments:   Your results, applying your skills with the C-3000 and what would appear to be a strong dose of patience and persistence to the world of the hummingbird, are inspirational. I think your goal of "raising environmental awareness through photography" has been well advanced by what is on display. Congratulations and many thanks.

Name:  Linda Grady
Comments:   Beautiful! I enjoyed the picture on the front page of the Eagle.

Name:  fonzerelli
Comments:   Wayne, Your photographs are absolutely incredible! The birds are wonderful, but I really loved the trains and doors photos as well. You are very talented, my friend!!!!!

Name:  Alfred Luppi
Comments:   very good - I need to talk to your wife about your ability. a great way to retire.

Name:  Michael Fletcher
Comments:   Wayne, You have done a wonderful thing here. My father was so excited to see these photos. Thank you so much.

Name:  Chuck Clark
Comments:   I'm Susie and Mike's brother, it was great to see those amazing pics right outside their window. I live in the Big Bend area of Tx. and we have awesome hummers out here.

Name:   Vila Simon
Comments:   I was watering new plants on the bank of the south branch of the Potomac in Moorefield, WV, with a fine mist to keep the plants in place when a beautiful jewel with feathers swayed back and forth in the water. She/he did it for several minutes. It was a wonderful experience.

Name:   Marina Tulupova
Comments:   Dear Mr. Owen, I really and sincerely admire your work! They're wonderful masterpieces of photography. I do some shooting of wildlife myself, so I understand how patient and nature loving you have to be to get good shots. Special thanks!

Name:   Pat
Comments:   Hi Somebody sent me your link by mistake - what a GREAT mistake. I really love hummingbirds and belong to a couple societies. I enjoyed your pictures, and really haven't had a good chance to browse yet, but I will soon.

Name:   Joe Gallegos
Comments:   I live in Colo. We have hummers here in summer and feed and enjoy watching them. If they run low on feed, they will attack me to get my attention

Name:   Gail
Comments:   Hummingbirds are very special to me. You have a great collection. Thanks.

Name:   Ed M
Comments:   Great Photos! Thanks.

Name:   Connee
Comments:   Your photographs were wonderful. I am in the process of writing an English paper for school. Could I print out several photos on my printer and would there be a charge?

Name:   Jean Raffels
Comments:   The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I am a friend of your wife, Nancy. In the last holiday letter, she highlighted your site. Thanks for sharing!

Name:   Sue Clark
Comments:   Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Name:   Vic Duvic
Comments:   Great pictures. Thanks!

Name:   Pauline
Comments:   Your work is awesome. Thank you so much!

Name:   Darla Buckley
Comments:   Beautiful tiny little birds; more pictures please.

Name:   Anita Palmer
Comments:   They are beautiful. I'm so glad my friend sent me a postcard for my birthday.

Name:   Pebble
Comments:   I enjoyed reading about your hummingbirds. I just recently have seen hummingbirds in my gardens, after putting up hummingbird feeders and planting specifically to attract them. I especially enjoyed the photos of the hummingbirds from the San Diego aviary.

Name:   Nancy
Comments:   I think your site was just great. I completely enjoy watching these fabulous birds.

Name:   Lyle
Comments:   Wayne, Your web page is great. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Name :   Ken
Comments :   Your photos of the 'hummers' was astounding! Fantastic! Truly an amazing view of natures beauty.

Name:   Elsie McHenry
Comments:   They are beautiful.

Name:   Beth
Comments:   I have enjoyed the hummingbird photos.

Name:   Chuck Brillowsky
Comments:   Thanks for providing a wonderfully entertaining site. Your photos -- especially of my favorite little buddy, Rufous, are some of the best I've seen. I'm relatively new to "hummingbird watching" and live in the Midwest (near Detroit).

Name:   Mary Scherer
Comments:   Enjoyed the tour through your photographs, poetry etc. I have web TV and the photographs come through the size of the screen.

Name:   Sandy Dillman
Comments:   Wonderful, I adore hummingbirds. Keep up the good work. Sandy

Name:   Lee LeMaster
Comments:   Beautiful photos.

Name:   Pam Teixeira
Comments:   Beautiful site! I can't get enough views of hummers!

Name:   jb
Comments:   Wonderful hummer photos!!!

Name:   Lizz Burris
Comments:   Wonderful photos of hummingbirds. Some of the best I've seen. Thanks for the opportunity to view your site.

Name:   Denise Hunt
Comments:   I first started watching the tiny wonders when I lived in San Diego, many years ago. I now live in Texas and I await the arrival of the first hummers as much as I anticipate the arrival of Spring itself!

Name:   Shirley Bolton
Comments:   Love your web-site, hummingbirds are my favorite, I am a collector of hummingbird items. Keep those pictures coming.

Name:   Rd
Comments:   Wayne, What a fantastic job you've done, and thank you for adding my site to you links page (I created "The Hummingbird Diaries"). It's a pleasure to share a common interest with someone so creative and who really has an eye for great nature photos!

Name:   Terry Wambaugh
Comments:   Incredible shots!!!

Name:   Howard Raley
Comments:   Very nice and informative.

Name:   Elva Knezic
Comments:   Just got done viewing your hummingbird pictures. They are really nice!

Name:   G'ma Mary
Comments:   You have made my day. Thank you for sharing.

Name:   Hazel Shaughnessy
Comments:   You have the most beautiful hummingbird pictures I have seen. The detail is amazing. Thank you for posting them.

Name:  Jim
Comments:   Outstanding collection of photos and a very nice web site. Kudos!

Name:   Thomas Locke
Comments:   I want to thank you very much of sharing your hummingbird photos. Your photos are very impressive!

Name:   Sharon
Comments:   I would be interested in seeing more of your photos...Interested in mother's with babies.

Name:   Pat
Comments:   I just found your Hummingbird pages and they are wonderful. I am absolutely in awe of these tiny jewels.

Name:   Jana Walsh
Comments:   Viewing the hummingbird photos really brightened my day!!!